Mock-up a Wyld Whirl Quilt!

This is a mock-up of the small throw-sized, 3 x 4, Wyld Whirl, 42" x 56"

Digital copies of the Wyld Whirl pattern are free with every Fat Quarter bundle from Wydlwood Creative.

How to change the fabrics
Find an image of a fabric online somewhere.
Copy the image's url  ? 
Paste the url into one of the fabric spaces below.
Update the width of the fabric in the image if necessary.
Then click the "Update" button!

Note: the minimum number needed to actually construct this quilt is 5.

FQ 1

FQ 2

FQ 3

FQ 4

FQ 5

FQ 6

FQ 7

FQ 8

Psst! Press Update again to re-randomize the mock-up

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