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Tips and FAQ:

Can I use my own fabric pictures?
Currently, the tool only works with links of pictures that are on the Internet - so if you post your pictures somewhere online where you can right-click and copy the image url (easy to do with Facebook. Tricky to do on Instagram, but not impossible) you're good to go!
TIP:If you take your own pictures to use in the tool, I suggest ONLY using your own pictures and not mixing in manufacturer images. This is because the lighting between your photos and the manufacturer pictures will be very different and your mock-up will not look quite right. HOWEVER this is just a suggestion, and obviously if you're auditioning new fabrics to go with others in your stash you'll have to mix it up.
Can you add my quilt pattern to the tool?
I'd love to! I have a commission set up on my Ko-Fi account where you can request this. Adding a quilt pattern takes me writing Javascript code to draw all the shapes in your pattern, so depending on the complexity of your design this could take me anywhere from a day to a week. Send me a message on Ko-Fi and we can talk about it!
Are the fabrics in the mock-ups rotated like they will be in the actual quilt?
Short answer: No. Sorry.
Long answer: For the most part you'll see the fabrics in the mock-ups in the same orientation as the fabric image. Sometimes, you'll see different orientations of the same fabric, and that's due to how I wrote the code. For example, in the Joplin Quilt, the big triangles on the 4 sides look like they're made with two different triangles coming together (you'll see this more clearly if you use a somewhat striped fabric for that color), but I don't actually know if that's how the quilt is constructed - it was just the easiest way for me to code it.
The image of my fabric has a ruler along the bottom! Will that show in the mock-up?
It shouldn't... the mockup assumes all fabric images have a ruler along the bottom and automatically cuts off the bottom 3/4 inch of each image. If the ruler along the bottom of your image is more than 3/4 of an inch wide, then you might see a stripe in the mock-up. If this is the case, you can fiddle with the "width" field for that fabric and set it to something smaller. It might not give you the most acturately scaled fabric pattern in your mock-up, but at least you won't have that stripe.
What is the "width" field and why is it important?
This is where you tell the tool how wide the fabric in an image is. Some manufacturers use fabric images that are 7-inches wide (all the Starry prints I use in the defaults are from Ruby Star Society who uses 7-inch swatches in their quilting cotton images), but others use different widths. If there's a ruler on the bottom of your image it will be easy to tell what the width is. If there's NOT a ruler... well... you'll just have to guess.
TIP:Make sure to enter accurate fabric widths for all of your images becuase this is how the tool knows how much to scale the fabric image in the mock-up, which is the best way to tell if a certain print will work in your design! If you want, try messing with the width input (put something rediculous in there!) to see what a difference having an accurate scale makes.
I want to mock-up a different version of one of the quilts in the tool, but it's not available. Will it be?
Maybe? Hopefully? I have every intention on making the tool work with all the sizes and coloring variations of the patterns I currently have available, but I'm just one dude with kids and a job. If it's something you really want soon I would suggest submitting it as a commission.