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How to Add Fabrics to Your Quilt Mock-Up:

1) Find images of the fabrics you want to use:
Look at your favorite online quilt shops or on manufacturers websites like Moda Fabrics, Art Gallery Fabrics, Andover Fabrics, Figo Fabrics, Cotton + Steel, Alexander Henry, Robert Kaufman, ect
You can also use images from your computer (Windows only)
TIP:If you want to use your own images and you're on a mobile device or a Mac, you'll have to upload them somewhere. An simple way to do this is to upload them to Facebook (you can put the visibility to "Only Me")

2) Copy the image's link:
Right-click the image (long-press if you're on mobile) to copy the image's url. Here are a few images of how that might look depending on your browser or device:

On a Desktop Browser:

On Mobile (iPhone):

From your files (Windows):

3) Paste the image link into an Image Url text-box:
Find the fabric in your mock-up that you want to change and paste the image link into the text-box above the preview image.

4) Click outside the text-box or press Enter:
Clicking outside of the text-box will trigger the fabric's preview image to update and you can see if the link you copied from step 2 is working
TIP:If it doesn't work, make sure you're copying the IMAGE link and not the link to the web page the image is on.

5) Update the scale to the width of the fabric in the image
Most fabric swatch images you find online have a little ruler along the bottom that gives you an indication of the scale of the fabric shown. Enter the width of your fabric image into the text-box right under the preview image.

This scale is really important because it tells the tool how big to print the pattern in the quilt mock-up. Without it you won't have an accurate depiction of how different prints will work in your pattern.
TIP:If your image does not have a little ruler, just estimate how wide you think it is. Most fabric swatch images are in the range of 7 - 12 inches.

6) Add the rest of your fabrics and Update your mock-up
When you click the Update button you will see what the quilt pattern will look like with your fabrics!
If your pattern has some randomness in it, you'll get a different layout every time you click Update.

7) Adjust your fabric placement
You can drag and drop one fabric over another to swap them. On mobile you can do this by long-pressing the fabric image then dragging it before it opens its context-menu.

8) Look up your recently used fabrics on the bottom of the page
The tool keeps track of all the fabrics you've pasted into this mock-up (even the ones that aren't currently being used) in a section on the bottom. You can drag and drop fabrics from there back into the pattern, or you can copy and paste the image link from the little image in the Recently Used box.